Light, Bright and Fun

This week, builder Ryan was busy painting the interior while his crew worked on the siding.  There's just one side of the house to go, and then the exterior will be painted too.  Meanwhile, carpenter Keith was busy off-site building our kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  He delivered most of the base cabinets on Thursday and Friday and will be back on Monday to install them.  Once installed, they will be measured for the fabrication of the quartz counter tops.  We also placed the order for the appliances.  Exciting!  The second glass back door was installed yesterday, and now the main room is extra light and bright.  We went with "chalk white" for the main room and stairwell paint color, and included fun pops of color throughout the house.  Check out the latest pictures!

Everyone asks when we're moving in, and it's looking like mid to late October.  There is a long list of tile, trim, flooring and other finishing work to do, not to mention important things like getting the house hooked up to electricity, gas and water!!!  When city workers insist that you already have a water meter, but clearly do not, all bets are off.  Let's hope we get that little detail worked out soon!