Tour our Nest!

Our Nordeast Nest will take part in International Passive House Days on Sunday, Nov. 15 from 11am to 3pm.  The architect (Tim Eian), builder (Ryan Stegora) and interior designer (Christine Frisk) will all be there, along with us- the homeowners (Julie and Tarek Alkatout).  Come and see what Passive House is all about!  A guided tour will start at 11:15 am.  

P.S. We still haven't turned our heat pump on this fall!  

Heat Pump Chilling Out

From Top down:- Outside Temp, Second Floor, Basement Temp, and Main Floor.

From Top down:- Outside Temp, Second Floor, Basement Temp, and Main Floor.

This is our first fall in the home, and so we're curious how long we'll go into the season before needing to turn on the heat pump.  So far, the house has stayed extremely comfortable without active heating.  The average high temp for October 2015 so far is 58 F and the average low temp is 43 F.  We had a night or two when the temperature dropped to 31 F, and we were still warm inside.  According to a weather website, there have been 12 heating degree days in MN this October, defined as days cool enough to warrant heating. Last night our oldest boy actually said he was too warm sleeping at night.  Let's blame that on heat rising to his top bunk.

The Photo Shoot Part II

A few weeks back we had Corey Gaffer back to our home to take final pictures of the exteriors.  The results were amazing and the process was enjoyable to watch and experience. We have become accustomed to cars driving by the front of the house and minutes later to see the same car in the ally.  Most enjoyable is the foot and bike traffic as we get a chance to chat and answer questions about the roof lines, build process and Passive house building methodology.

Day Shots ...

Dusk Shots ...