Paint, Siding, and Doors!

We're very excited to see paint adding color inside, siding going up outside and gorgeous exterior doors being installed!  We're using zero VOC paint and, wow, what a difference that makes for the air quality.  We can take the boys over to see their newly painted room and not worry about them breathing the solvents.  For the siding, we switched from the planned cement board to using oriented strand board (OSB) siding on the recommendation of our builder.  He likes the SmartSide OSB product and thought its strength is better suited to span the distance between the rain screen spacers, which are 24" on center.  With half the house and the whole garage finished, we think the siding looks great and are working on finalizing the paint colors for the exterior.  As for the doors, we have to say that they were worth the wait.  They turned out just as we had hoped.  The front door was installed the day my uncle Ron and aunt Jeannette came to visit from Marshall, MN.  After giving them the grand tour, my uncle said this is the way all houses should be built.  That was of course after he did his share of teasing the crew that I was timing them during their lunch break.  Uncles.   :-)