Die Fenster (The windows)...Wow!

From Hamburg, Germany to NE Minneapolis, our windows arrived safe and sound.  These beautiful windows come painted and stained, and we were anxious to see the "curry yellow" we selected for the exterior and the dark brown wood stain for the interior. The windows are gorgeous!  We love the pop of color this gives the outside of our house.  

These versatile windows open to the inside for super easy cleaning and to let in a strong cool breeze, or the top of the window can be tilted in for a gentle influx of fresh air.  As far as energy performance goes, they have an insulation R-value of 8, and a solar heat gain coefficient of 50% with glazed triple panes filled with Argon. The installation involves tape, spray foam, and more rigid foam insulation to achieve the air-tightness of the home.  The installation went smoothly, and they were all in place in one day.  RJ Stegora crew had to install a couple at the end of the delivery date to help us sleep knowing at least two were up.  All in all, the most challenging part was unloading and carrying the windows into the house.  It took some major teamwork to tackle these behemoths; the larger ones were about 300 pounds each!

The windows provide optimum performance for Zone 6/7 which we have here in Minnesota.  Some additional benefits they provide:

  • Inner layer implemented as a statically bearing structure
  • Short renovation times thanks to removable outer layer
  • Interior wood types: fir, spruce, larch, oak
  • Removable aluminum outer layer
  • Slender frame, elegant design
  • Custom color schemes for interior and exterior
  • Special functions: sound insulation, sun protection and intrusion prevention
  • Custom detailed planning
  • Up to UW 0.70 W/m²K (Ug 0.5 W/m²K)
  • Certified connection free of thermal bridges (PHI Darmstadt)
  • For renovating also possible without frame insulation (UW value determined according to respective installation situation)

I found this video to be helpful visually (no audio), I plan on posting a video of my own when I have time demonstrating the functionality.