Behind the Walls

This week's update has a number of items to cover.  With the windows installed we now wait for the doors to be delivered (see "The making of the house doors" post).  Once the two back doors are installed we can run the blower door test to check for air tightness.  In the meantime, work has been focused on the inside with plumbing and electrical. 

The plumbing work is nearly complete with all the drains and vents installed along with the water supply lines.  The hot and cold water lines are insulated the entire run.  Here are a few pics of the wall with the plumbing and one of three Geberit toilet carriers with
the tank concealed in the wall. The toilets will be wall-hung Aquia units from TOTO.  We picked this model for it's Dual-flush system, and low water consumption (1.6GPF/6.0LPF & 0.9GPF/3.0LPF)

All of the electrical boxes for switches and outlets have been placed, along with the recessed LED fixtures and mounts for the other light fixtures.  RJ Stegora made sure everything was in the correct location before letting the electricians begin the wiring. 

The two window wells were installed and back-filling was done with top soil.  Some additional grading needs to be completed when the sun is shining.  The garage floor was opportunistically poured during a short break in the torrential downpours this week.  RJ Stegora accommodated a special request we had for the west and south side of the floor. Check out the pictures and see if you can guess.  Give up?  In the slab we have a total of 4 low-profile bike locks for the kids.  Simply fabricated with a plumbing elbow immersed in concrete, you just run the bike lock through it.   We did add one for locking a lawnmower or snow blower.  Pretty slick!