Now we're cooking...with Induction!

When we went shopping for appliances, we were surprised to learn that an induction cooktop was recommended for our energy efficient home.  We were used to cooking with gas and didn't have plans to change.  Once we learned about induction cooktops, we were pretty excited about the concept.   We tested our relatively new cookware for magnetism, a requirement for induction-ready pots and pans, and luckily they passed.  If you're considering making a switch from your beloved gas cooktop or old-school electric cooktop, you really can't go wrong with induction.  Here's why we love it.  

The heat is generated in the pan itself (through the resistance to electromagneticlly induced currents) and so the cooktop does not heat up and glow red like old-school electric cooktops or have an open flame like gas cooktops.  The major benefits to this approach are:  

1. Safety for the kids

2. Efficient use of energy- it generates the heat where its needed.

3.  Precise control- You can make a boiling pot immediately go to a gentle simmer and back up to a boil just as fast.  It's amazing- really.

4.  It's Quick!  We get a large pot of water to boil in 5 minutes!  The "speed boost" button is my favorite.

5.  Timers to turn off the heat.  Each burner can individually be set to a timer, and the cooktop will turn off the burner, essentially stopping cooking because it is so responsive.  This feature surprised me one day when I was distracted by the kids, and my pasta was not overly cooked to mush.  I was impressed.  

6. Easy to clean- We sure do not miss cleaning those gas grates that actually never looked as nice as on day one.  This induction cooktop looks clean and fabulous, and you can even safely wipe up messes while cooking because the heat doesn't transfer beyond the bottom of the pan.

7. Comfortable cooking- no sweating over an overly hot cooking surface.

If you ever visit the Nordeast Nest, we'd be happy to do a demo!