A picture is worth...

The blog has been secondary to summer outdoor activities as of late, but we took the time to document via pictures a few things to share regarding progress:

With all the insulation inside and out, the house is starting to look like a traditional build, but on the inside it sounds anything but traditional.  With the windows closed and all the insulation, you can't hear anything at all.  The pictures below show insulation, webbing, Bildrite, Tyvek, and finally the Fir framing.  Next up on the exterior will be cement board siding and paint!

The window frames received a final round of insulation, since the window/house interface is the weakest part of the window.  To solve that, 4-inch rigid foam insulation was installed around the window and a Tyvek wrap around the bottom.  Once the siding is installed, an aluminum window sill will finish everything off.

Finally, we finish with pictures of the sheetrock going up inside the house making the space well defined and another step near the finish.