Two months down

Time flew by the past two months; progress has been great although snow, more snow, and mud has slowed down progress during the early spring season.  On Friday the I-Joists were delivered and will be installed next week; we have the window and door openings now framed and bucks in place.  Very excited to get the windows installed now that we have a tentative time of arrival.  In recent contact with the OptiWin (window manufacturer) I was provided with a neat link containing an over view of design and functionality.

it is coming along.png

We first saw the windows at TE Studio and then saw them in action at the MinnePHit home in South Minneapolis. Paul and Desirée have been more than generous in opening their home to us on a number of different occasions to get a feel for performance and environment in the house.  Check out their blog and Facebook page, Paul provides fantastic data on the performance of the house during the harsh winter months.