Home Stretch

We plan to move into our new Nordeast Nest this Saturday!  Notable progress was made when the gas company finally showed up to put in the new gas connection.  Now our instant hot water heater is fired up, and the gas fireplace can heat the house when needed.  Other finishes have been going in, and everything looks beautiful.  Our inspection for occupancy was last Wednesday, and the city inspector provided a short list of safety requirements before we could move in.  Among these requirements were:  screens on the windows, carpet in the bedrooms, and sod in the backyard.  Needless to say, we absolutely do not view window screens as a safety component in our home.  That said, we planned to have them ready to keep bugs out in the summer, but we don't deem them necessary for any other purpose.  In fact, it's almost heartbreaking to drill holes into our pristine Optiwin windows and cover them with screens.  The carpet went into the bedrooms as previously planned today, and the backyard has the (also previously planned) sod.  Now we will just hold our breath during the (second) final inspection for occupancy this Friday.